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I was sitting at a highway light next to a PT Cruiser not giving it much thought .

I came off regular and he zipped right past. I thought well I'll have to give it a little juice and not let this happen. Well, my little juice didn't do much so I WOT'd it and he still stayed even for a second or so before I started to gain and when I finally pulled ahead at about 75, I backed off and let him go by.

It said 2.4 Turbo I think. Now I know it wouldn't have seemed as competative if I had WOT'D it right from the get-go, but are the PT Turbos that zippy or is my Eldo not as fast as I thought. And I think it is pretty fast.


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They are actually very zippy.......and you dont know if he had mods....for relatively low amounts of money you can get 300hp out of them and with some more money ive seen 550hp......alot for how small it is.

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