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Smogged then Gas leak, coincidence?


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Absolutely livid here! I drive a Black 1996 STS, 105K miles. Went for a smog on Sat 1/17 @ 1pm. Failed, High HydroCarbon and a vapor leaking gas cap was the diagnosis. No previous problems when I arrived. Later in the day, I left for a 60 mile trip, 1/2 way through the drive, which was 3 hrs after the smog test, I trun the AC on and I smell gas. I pull over, dont see gas on ground or in engine area. As I drive my gas is decreasing abnormally. So when I get to my destination, I pull the silver engine cover off, turn the key and gas shoots from the injector rail. Appears to have a small hole in one of the plastic connectors which runs bewteen two injectors. Its a 3 inch hard plastic connector. Now question--- Is this a coincidence? Did they error when smogging, could they have errored? They say not. And that connector does it come off without removing the entire rail? Meaning can I replace just the leaking 3 inch connector? Angry James, but love that Car.

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