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Squeeky rear end in hot weather


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Hey everybody! I love this site, I have been reading it daily for several years.

I have not posted much, as my 99STS is really a sweet heart with no problems.

Lately with the hot weather, I am getting a squeek from the rear end when the temp is above 90. It only happens when going over small road inperfections and parking lot speed bumps. The dealer cannot duplicate. Any suggestions would be very helpful.



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While sitting still, wiggle around in the drivers seat. THIS IS NO JOKE! I had a squeak that sounded like it was coming from the rear, but lo and behold, I was sitting in a parking lot one day trying to do something in the glove box and it happened. A little penetrating grease on the mounting rivets/hinges seemed to stop the problem. Made a 300 mile trip yesterday without one squeek!

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