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SLOW drag race


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I'm leaving for Atlanta in the morning and picked up my rental car today. It's an '03 Mitsubishi Galant. Very nice car...much nicer than I expected. Anyway, we were out at the store this evening (unlimited rental miles, ya know) and this little Mazda 3 was slicing through the traffic behind me and as we came up to a red light, he dove over into the left lane. My wife saw the smirk on my face and said, "you're going to race him aren't you?" Heh heh. Light turned green, and the sounds of 4-cylinder engines bogging off the line could be heard throughout the county! We zoomed off the stoplight, neck and neck! Across the intersection and into 2nd gear. We've almost hit 25 mph by now! After what seemed like 30 seconds later, we finally crested the 60 mph mark and I let off (55 mph speed limit). The Galant and 3 were exactly evenly-matched. I told my wife if we were in the Seville, he'da been extremely embarrassed.

Ya know..."racing" in the Cadillac is a rush, but it's over so quickly (when I'm driving anyway). I'll never really take someone past the speed limit, and with the Northstar engine, you're at the speed limit, like NOW. With 4-cylinder econoboxes like these, the drag race lasts a little longer, and the boring mediocrity of the event is almost overcome by the suspense of who will reach 60 mph before 20 seconds elapses. :P

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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LOL.. I had a galant a long time ago and it did probaly a 8 second 0-60.. not 20 :) It wasn't a 4 cylinder though...or was it.. maybe 4 cylinder turbo i forget That was one of the cars I never bothered to do anything to at all and just drove it until i realized it was depreciating way faster than i was paying on it :>

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Kinda reminds me of leaving Denver west up to the the Eisenhower Tunnel. 20-years ago that is - before computer-controlled fuel injection.

It seems like almost every vehicle ran out of air at about the same time regardless of displacement, etc. :P

A rousing 40-mph or so up the peak. But downhill was something else again...

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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