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Halogen Lights


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I know all the newer Cadillacs come equipped with HID lights, but just wondering if anyone with midyear Cadillacs have some pics of the installed.

Looking to buy some headlights, any night pictures would be appreciated.


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I got my kit from XenonFactory.com It cost about $450 for both lights and was pretty easy to install. Plus if you have any questions, you can instant message them. Overall I have been quite pleased with the results. Hope this helps. ;)

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I bought a set of Piaa plasma blue for the stock lights 1-2 years ago for about $100. Can't remember the sight but I'll post when I find it. I still have the original package somewhere. Aaaaaaah here it is..... haven't been to the site in a long time so things may have changed but check it out. http://www.sigmaautomotive.com/

They look really nice but i have to admit the stock light ring blocks a lot of the light from it's full potential. But that blue is still much more intense then those cheap "cool blue" or others knock offs.


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