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SRX Vibration

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We recently purchased a 2004 SRX V6. There is a very noticeable vibration that you can feel and see when the vehicle gets over 45 MPH. Cadillac seems to be aware of this as they actually brought it up first during a call they gave us to ehck on vehicle satisfaction. We took the vehicle back to the dealer and they told us it was a tire balancing issue. They cuold not properly balance the original tires on the vehicle, so then they replaced the tires. The problem is now worse than before.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this vibration and how to address it?

Thank you.

Brenda and John Heltzel

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Ask the dealer if they have a Smart EVA unit and have them use that to check the vibrations. Don't just let someone drive the car and go 'oh yea i know what it is' ... THey have wicked cool electronics now that can record just about anything and can tell if it's a tire or the engine or something else. Very cool stuff. Of course those of us who can't afford it do it the old way, but if it's under warranty, FORCE them to use it. THey should fix anything you aren't happy with under the factory warranty, period.

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I'm sure that they wouldn't have switched tires if they thought that the problem was caused by something else.....it's just not done. Problem is, when your dealing with a tire issue such as this MANY small details need to be watched very closely to make an effective repair.

I have had great success with my '99 STS using the road force balancer made by Hunter. But I had to teach the tire guys how to do it right..........don't get me wrong, they knew how to operate the equipment, they just didn't know all of the things that can make a good effort turn out badly. Nor did they realize how touchy this suspension design is to road force.

Biggest culprit, trying to road force balance cold tires! Here's the scenario. You drop your car off with a complaint, the car sits in the lot until the next morning (or even a couple of hours) and the belts and rubber in the sidewalls take a "set". The mechanic goes and gets the car and drives it 100 feet to the service bay. You can imagine what kind of readings he will get....different ones each time he does the job.

Better choice, drive the car for 30 miles to heat up the tires, get the car up off the road immediately, set all air pressures the same, run all four through the R/F balancer, replace any tire that exceeds 12 pounds R/F, adjust the rest by matching them to the rim. If you want to get REALLY technical, measure the tire/rim runout and match the tires in that order. You shoud be able to get them all under 10 pounds R/F this way. Remember, matching a tire to a rim is usually good for about a 2 pound improvement, rarely more than that will be realized, but 2 pounds can make a big difference between 68 and 72 mph.

Shake showing up at 45 MPH is pretty bad, and the bad tire or bent rim causing it should be real easy to find.

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