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Integrated Garmin GPS into stock headunit


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post-38-1262889370_thumb.jpgI had an old Garmin GPS Streetpilot 330 and I decided to integrate it into the stock headunit. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the progress.

Opening apart the headunit is easy. The headunit has several PC cards and I removed the CD player module, but I retained the "left knobs" volume/tuner control card and "LED display" card. This allowed me to keep the AM/FM portion operational. I had to move the "display" to the back of the case to make room for the GPS unit. I glued back the buttons (non-operational) to make it look OEM.

The Garmin 330 has an external antenna input which I used, but if you cut away the top of the headunit case, that would allow the satellite signals to penetrate.

The GPS works great! I like the integrated aspect (no wires to plug and unplug) and it's always ready when I turn on the ignition. The only bummer is that I can't see what station is playing on the radio. :)

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No OEM CD player, but I do have a 5-Disc changer in the trunk operating with a FM modulator. I just tune to the frequency and then I use the remote control to manage the cd's. The changer is an old Pioneer unit and it sounds pretty good, since the FM modulator sends the frequency directly into the antenna feed, rather than off air.

I think thats a good idea, because I don't like navigation systems on the windshield. Good job :)

But now you don't have a CD player?

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