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FIXED: Powersteering hose 2000 DTS

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This is not a topic asking for help, instead on how I fixed a problem.

The power steering hose on my 2000 DTS was leaking down by where it goes past the coolant reservoir. I bought the replacement hose from rockauto.com ($72). For removal I took out the coolant reservoir, unbolted a hold down on the side of the engine holding the hose, another hold down that was behind the engine down below by the exhaust and undid each fitting. The hose goes from the passenger side top of the engine to the bottom back side of the engine on the drivers side. Once all unbolted it was a little difficult to remove from the engine. I eventually got it out through the top of the engine not through the bottom. I had to bend some sections of it and yank it pretty hard to get it out but it was broke anyway so no need to be gentle with it.

Installation of the new hose was EASY! The original hose had a lot of pre bent hard line sections and a couple rubber hose sections that made it fit just perfect but hard to snake through the engine. The new hose had mostly rubber hose down behind the engine which was much easier to snake through the engine. I installed through the top of the engine. I tightened the fittings and attached the hold down on the side of the engine. The one behind the engine didn’t work with the new hose. I filled the reservoir with fluid and ran the steering wheel back and forth until it didn’t need any more fluid. I had heard turning the wheel ALL the way to the left or right isn’t good when trying to get air out of the system so I only went ¾ the way each way. This was 3 months ago and it still runs perfect with now leaks

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