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Neither of my cigarette power outlets in my car are working.. They used to work just find. I replayed a Micro Relay and Also the main 40 amp fuse under the backseat and still im not getting any power out of either of them. The car is a 2001 SLS. I was having some diffrent electrical issues but their all fine now for the most part. Now its just im not getting ANY power what so ever. Also the lights that light up by the gear shifter that tell you what gear you in dont light up either, I dont think they have ever workd. But im just mainly concerd with why niether of my power outlets are working, Again i checkd the main fuse under the back seat, also replaced the micro relay. Any ideas would please be MUCH appceriated. I need to get them working badly so i can use my cell phone car charger. Thanks agan in advance.

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