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Yesterday when I got into the good ol' STS, I was greeted by a warning chime which I have only heard once or twice since I've owned the car. It was hot (the outside temp gauge said 93) but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. The last time I heard it was when I was in Florida, once again very hot weather. The chime (really just a solitary "ding" every minute or so) continued for several minutes after I started driving the car.

I'm assuming this is a warning to let me know that it was hot outside (and therefore hot in the car), similar to what my Volvo does when the temperature drops below freezing (to warn of possible ice on the roads). But I can't find any reference to it in the owner's manual, and can't imagine why the engineers would want to warn me about high ambient temps (the motor was "cold" both times).

Any ideas? Or more importantly, if it's just an "idiot" warning, how to turn it off?

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