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DIC - climate ctrl panel icons - what do they mean


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Ok, when recently troubleshooting my A/C problems, I ran into this thread with some info from Bbobynski:


I don't see anywhere in the service manuals how to know what these icons mean.

Also, with the example given in that thread, I notice the icons on my panel aren't doing exactly what was listed in the above thread.

Here's what I notice when in the PCM mode:

The A/C and AUTO icons are lit above the front defrost button.

A down arrow is lit above the MODE button. A different arrow lights up when the brake is applied.

The A/C icon goes on and off intermittantly, but I'm not sure why.

Here's where the confusion when diagnosing the A/C comes in: The REAR defrost is lit. (front defrost icon is NOT lit even though compressor is running). When I start to drive, the rear defrost icon goes off and when I get up to about 10mph, the front defrost icon lights up. According to the above thread, the front defrost icon should be lit whenever the compressor clutch is engaged.

Anyone know about any of this?


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There in there but I can't remember exactly where. Will look when I get home tonight about midnight (central time). If I can find it i'll post the page.

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