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Hello. I am new to the forum and just inherited a 68 coupe deville form my grandfather. Its in pretty good condition and everything is stock on the thing. I belive it has the original tires! I was just wondering what these cars sell for around because i dont have any idea of what kinda money i should be putting into it.Thank you.

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Great to see another person inherits a fine automobile rather than having it sold off. I inherited mine from my grandfather as well. It is a 1967 Coupe Deville, white exterior with a black vinyl roof. It has black interior and everything is minty new.

As for the pricing on an automobile of these ages is beyond me but I can tell you that an older gentleman from my city has two 1967 Deville convertibles. His are far from mint but are all original. He had them for sale a couple of years back and was asking $17,000 CDN (roughly $13,000 US) for one or he said he would take $32,000CDN (roughly $25,000 US) for both. Now these cars are in dire need of TLC but he knows that there are not very many of these cars around which makes him be able to set the price at whatever he wants. If he figured that his was worth $17,000, mine would be over $50,000 if I were to sell it. I have all the documentation, registrations, window sticker, sales brochure, shop manual, original spare tire jack, manual, man I can go on and on about my '67.

The best bet is to have it appraised and see how much the appraiser feels it is worth. I've been meaning to have mine done for the past 5 years but have not found the time to do so. In reality I would assume a near new condition car would be worth at very least $14,000 CDN (roughly $10,000 US). You just have to find the right person that would want this type of car such as me or cpetro45, I'm sure he will also be able to chime in on classic Cadillac talk! :D He also has a 67 but his is convertible.

Hope this helps, you have any pictures of yours?


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The best bet is to have it appraised and see how much the appraiser feels it is worth.

Yes, and to follow on--have it insured for the appraised value! Even some cars as new as the 1980s are "worth" more than the blue book value lets on. I sold my '84 Cutlass a while ago...and it was mint mint mint. Factory T-tops, chrome rally wheels, V8, buckets/console, rallye pac gauges, etc. It was absolutely loaded. Almost $15k new back in 1984. Blue book for an '84 Cutlass Supreme was somewhere near $2500 or something like that. I think I sold it for $4500, and it was definitely worth that. It was stolen from the new owners, but recovered in good shape. It needed a new wheel and front clip (they went joy riding through fences and over curbs). The new owners fought the insurance company for months because they were going to total it out, based on the blue book value. They had it appraised at over $6000, and that's now what it's insured for. Trust me, when I heard what happened to my baby (my first car), I was sick...

Anyway, that's only a 1980s example. Escalate that to a vintage 1960s Cadillac and you get the picture. If you plan to keep it and drive it even semi-regularly, get it appraised and insured for that appraised value!

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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