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Hair line crack


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Without knowing any details, I would give JB Weld a try. Over the years it's repaired a lot of things for me.

You must have the surface completely clean of any oil or dirt. Brake cleaner works well.

I had a case half leak and used some good RTV on the seam and it completely stopped the leak. That was three years ago.

So, RTV could be an option as well.


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I have been thinking about this. What complicates the issue is that you have OIL in the joint at the crack. Oil will cause a bonding problem for most repairs. You will need a substance that will resist oil and bond to the surface. I would think that getting the joint clean and dry would be most important. How long is the crack and how did it happen? If the crack it long, using a hardening type product may crack from the lack of rigidity of the joint. I don't know, is the pan steel? Maybe brazing it makes sense... Mike

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