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One seriously HOT Deville

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Hey there guys,

first time I think posting on this forum, but I need a hand. I have a 2002 Sedan DeVille with an AC problem. The temp is warmer on the drivers side and colder on the pass side, leading me to basically have no AC. I have charged the system, which has resulted in SOME cooler air on the drivers side, but still not sure if it is as cold as the pass side. I think the pass side may be cooler when run on heat, as well. I have checked both actuators, and both seem to function properly. They both make the full rotation expected, which is about 90 degrees. The blend doors axis makes a 90 degree rotation as well, at least on the drivers side. I am thinking of completely evac'ing the system and starting with fresh stuff. Also, I have the DTCs from the car.

B0409 - Blend Door 1, range

B0408 - Temp. Control #1 (Main/Front) Circuit Malfunction

B0429 - Temp. Control #3, Rear Circuit Range/Performance

C0625 - Left Rear Position Circuit Malfuntion

First code - Blend door range. Is it possible that the door is just slightly off, and not causing the problem, or would this code not come up if the "gap" so to speak, were not big enough? I ask because I have at least half the dash in my back seat and would like to put it back together sometime, haha. Like I said, the shaft for this blend door DOES turn the same amount I would expect it to. If this door is the only problem, then the shaft could only make this proper rotation with the door improperly closed if the mesh gears that connect them are broken, correct? Do these doors work off of the mesh gear? I can't find info anywhere.

Temp. Control #1 Circuit Malfuntion - what does this mean? Could this be that the Temp. being sent out is not high enough, resulting in a code? Or is this something that could be CAUSING my warm air? I guess I want to know where this thing is, what fuse it's on, if it cuases, or is caused BY warmer air when the AC is on. Honestly, I'd like to hear anything about this at this point.

Temp. Control #3 - I don't care at this point, it never gets used and I want the front to work, not the back.

Left Rear Position Circuit - Is this the only one I would expect it to be, but above the shock on the back side?

I am gonna take it out for another spin right now and see if the AC has equilibrated, I really appreciate any help you can give me on this VERY frustrating and "knee-deep-in-$**t" AC repair.


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Just to be consistent, I'll repeat what I said on the other forum.

Normally uneven temperatures like you have are the result of low refrigerant on a dual zone system, buy I'd question that with those DTC's.

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