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Power steering is quite stiff in the morning, after driving for awhile it seems to loosen up (still stiffer than normal). I had a new rack put in last October. It does not have real hard spots and then suddenly loosen up like a typical steering rack problem. All belts are tight, lots of fluid etc. There isn't any noise coming from the pump. Any ideas.

Thank You

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If it loosens up gradually, like as the fluid gets warmer, the easier the steering effort gets, then the wrong P.S. fluid was put into the system during the rack replacement.

But, if it loosens up suddenly, then my money is on Magnasteer. I'm thinking some kind of intermitent electrical connection or else the computer is telling Magnasteer that you are going much faster than you really are.

I suppose I need a little bit more information from you on exactly what is happening and when.

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