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First time Cadillac CTS owner reporting for duty

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/edit: sorry for posting in the wrong section.. not sure how I ended up here... mods - feel free to move.

Hello Cadillac Lovers! I just bought my first Cadillac yesterday and I am extremely happy with it! I always wanted one since I was a teenager and only recently have been able to afford one. The quality of these cars is truly something that cannot be described by mere words. Ok, now I have some questions about a few modifications I am looking into doing to my CTS.

1.) Auxiliary input for my mp3 player/laptop. (non-iPod) After looking into a few methods of getting this done, I decided to go with a wired FM modulator. - http://salestores.com/aufmfmmoanda.html If there is a better solution out there that may interest me, please let me know. (my car did not come with XM)

2.) Mesh Grill. Ok, this one I have mixed opinions upon and am having a hard time making a decision. I can either spend ~$400 on a genuine mesh grill with emblem, or I can buy a cheapo mesh grill without the emblem on eBay for ~$130. ( i would then simply remove my current emblem and reuse it)

3.) Chrome tips for the dual exhaust. I don't really need any advice for this I just wanted to let you know of another modification I am doing.. I will probably just go to Napa and buy some tips that look nice.

Other than the above changes I love everything about the CTS and will not be changing it. (maybe some light tint all around in the future. Thanks in advance for any advice!

And now for the obligatory pic of the beast. It is a 2004 CTS with the Luxury Sport package. (Wood grain on steering wheel and shift knob, Sun/Moon roof/Heated Leather/17" wheels/etc) It has ~75,000 miles on it and it cost me $12,000. Being that it was a one owner vehicle in *mint* condition I could not pass it up. It was in better condition than newer CTS' I was looking at with 25k miles less.


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Thanks! :) Glad to see a fellow Minnesotan on the forums.

There's a couple of us actually. I know of at least one other for sure.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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