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Trunk mounted CD player


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I purchase a factory 12 disc trunk mounted AC Delco player from a used parts dealer who guaranted it to be in working condition for a little over $200.00. It's been working great and the sound with the bose system is much better than the radio.

In changing discs by removing the "box" and replacing some of the CD's then inserting the "box" back into the player and closing the door the player seems to run, what it's doing I'm not sure but when I select CD on the radio inside the car it say "initionlizing" or something but then goes back to the radio. I have turned the radio off and tryied replacing the "box" with the radio off and then turning it back on after I have insterted the box again. Is there a certain order I should do this procedure? I finaly got the player to work again but not sure what I did to accomplish this. I did turn the key off and then on again, did this reset the system? Like rebooting the computer per say?

I also have problems with humidity, at least this is what I have read in the owners manual. If it rains any the humidity reaches 100% or close to the player will not play. I have wrapped the player in a garbage bag with a twist tie before bolting it into the trunk and it seemed to help. This makes changing the CD a pain but the player still works, even with it raining. Will this garbage bag solution hurt the player in the long run by not alowing the moisture to excape?

Thanks for responding :huh::huh:

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I had an odd "problem" with mine in that if I inserted the cartridge into the changer without the key being "on" (supplying the radio/changer with power), the radio would not recognize that the changer had a cartridge in it, and it wouldn't go through the initialization process. I had to have the key on in order to insert the cartridge and have the heat unit recognize it.

A short while ago, I disassembled everything (including unplugging the harness) to take pictures of the install, to document the process for the website (and it's under the "How-To" forum available in the jump list below). Once everything was back together, I discovered that the player's operation was now what I would consider "normal", meaning I could insert the cartridge, power on or off, and the heat unit would always recognize it and initialize.

My suggestion would be to unplug the changer, via the harness in the trunk, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in and see if your symptoms return.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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Also some of those changers u have to watch out for putting the cartridge in the wrong way or having the CDs upside down in the cartridge.. I did that on accident once and didn't realize I put in all the cd's upside down lol .. I'm sure it's happened to everyone at one time or another :>


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