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My CC has had a nagging surge which only seems to happen during warm weather once everything is up to NOT. I've cleared it up some by cleaning all the electrical connections and replacing vacuum hoses. This problem occurs when I either: disengage via the CC switch or using the brake operated vacuum valve. In cold weather it operates like a Cadillac.

I've found a Cadillac TSB #87-127 which discribes the problem and a procedure. The cure is to wrap the VSS shaft with brass shim stock to 'eliminate' any looseness. I don't understand what looseness that pertains to. The gear is pressed on the shaft, so a brass shim will just get crushed against the body of the sensor, because the gear ain't going on over the shim. The only place a shim will go on is on the flat of the shaft upon which the gear is installed, (at least that I can see anyway). The shim will go on that piece, but I'm not confident that a shim there will stay in place. I prefer to not have brass entering the trans.

If anyone has any experience with this CC surge problem, I'd sure appreciate some help. Thanks

GM Reman 4.1 engine Dec '08

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