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76-78 Eldorado rear calipers or 79- 85 Eldo/Seville calipers

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I’m thinking of doing a future drum to disc upgrade on my 70 Eldorado. I know that the 79-85 Eldo calipers use the same pads as the front calipers of an S-10 pickup, but I do not know how the size compares to the harder to find 76-78 calipers. I think I remember that they are bigger- but I’m not sure how much. I plan to use a vented rear rotor. Do both of those calipers open to the same size? I heard the 79-85 opens up just past an inch with pads installed and that most GM front calipers are about 1” thick. This car will be driven hard (autocross racing) and the surface area of the pads – if noticeably different- would be a determining factor. I want to stay with a rear caliper to keep the e- brake. I thought about a Corvette rear caliper, but they seem small and look like they are not for vented rotors.


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