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Disconnect Mirror Turn Signals

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So.....GM finally agrees to replace my 2002 Disaster DTS with a new 2004. So to "yeahright@cadillacforums.com" and all others who thought I was crazy because the car doesn't start on a whim, the door locks pop up and down by themselves, fuel guage flips back and forth, the radio doesn't work, it dumped coolant all over my garage floor THREE times amongst numerous other problems - to this day after 5 attempts at repairing, I have to watch "service stability system" flash along with the nice chime it emits every 15 seconds.....................................they can't fix it and are giving me a new one!

IF I decide to keep this 2004, does anyone know how to disconnect the mirror turn signals? The question was asked in another forum but it was unanswered. With the LED brakelights along with the center brake light these cars look like a carnival at night from the rear. They definitely have to be disconnected. Is it simply a fuse or???

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With all the problems you had with one, are you just a glutton for punishment, or did they promise better service from the next?

As for the mirror turn signals, I think they forgot to connect them up on my '97. I'm still looking for the unplugged harness. ;) Unfortunately, I haven't seen any aftermarket offerings for the 92-97 generation Sevilles. I'd love to have them. As for disabling them, I would think this is something the dealership could accomplish for you. If I had a Deville without them, I'd gladly trade mirrors with ya.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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