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99 Deville need help please

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I have a 99 deville and I'm trying to get her back in shape! It's my 3rd one and I refuse to let anything happen to her! But I'm not a machanic(wish I was). I recently pulled the codes from the car, and found the meaning. But what are they and how much is it going to cost me to fix.

P0741-TTC system stuck off

P1520-Trasmission range switch circuit

P1599-Engine stall or near stall detected

B1348-very low a/c refrigerant pressure (Is this my compressor it kicks on and off?)

C1283-Excessive time to center steering

I don't know what the TCB codes are though.





Can someone please help me, I would really appreciate it

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Do a search for P0741. It is an expensive fix, but one you CAN live without if you so choose.

What is a TCB code?

I don't know what a TCB code is, but it came up when i pulled up the codes on the car. I will run them again and see if I copied them wrong. Thanks for your help!

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