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Changed front pads today


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Changed front brake pads today. 56500 miles on the car. I'm certain that this is the first time they were changed. I started to investigate a slight clunking niose which seemed to be coming from the right front when I found the inner pad on the RF to be worn down to the point where the wear sensor was just starting to touch the rotor. Close enough for me.

Called GM dealer first, $87.00 for the pads they said. I'm thinking, not TOO bad considering you'll get some extra stuff, like wires and shims and anti-rattle compound. Thought I might be able to do better at the local parts store of course. Went to AutoZone and found a really good deal, 19.99 for their best pad. Pretty cheap, until I looked in the box. Where are the sensors? I asked. What sensors? was the reply. Nothing but pads in the box, so I left.

Next stop was Advance Auto Parts. Guy listed two different versions and immediately went into his spiel about why I should buy the more expensive ones. (Save it for the other guy). Anyway the more expensive pads had a wear sensor that you had to splice in, a little time consuming, I thought, but not bad.

I decided to go to the GM dealer to check out the kit. I was right, it had some pretty good stuff in there. The SS shims, the whole wiring harness that you could just "plug and play" for the sensors. A few other trinkets. "How much?" I asked. $119.98 was the reply. "Wait a minute", somebody quoted me $87.00 for these not a half hour ago! I said. No reply, just a stupid look. He said, "I could get you level 2 pricing if you have a tax ID # or an account here". Does the $1000.00 preventive maintenance bill on my Silverado last month create an account? I asked. He looked it up on the computer, no, full retail pricing. "I could change it to level 2 and see if anyone catches it", he said. NO, I dont want to get you in trouble, what is the level 2 price anyway? $97.63. (so where did the $87.00 price come from?) No thanks.

I went back to the Advance Auto Parts and bought the Bendix Titanium Metallic set, some brake cleaner, (I was fresh out) and a quart of Valvoline SynPower brake fluid. Total damage, $54.22. To make a long story short, I flushed the entire system starting with a fill and drain of the master cylinder twice, then the entire system, with the SynPower fluid. The wife LOVES to help me with this part. She dosen't realize it yet, but it gives her a sense of accomplishment. The old brake fluid coming out was GREEN! New pads, new fluid, stops smooth and true. As an added bonus, the clunking is gone too! RF caliper may be hanging a little, getting a little warmer than the left, gotta check that out tomorrow.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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Good job I hear you about retail vice wholesale pricing..I had my wife pump the brakes on a couple cars then(VBG) I went out and purchased a mity vac.. I know after they pump the brakes and hold them it's almost funny My wife hates doing it with me due to I start bitching Telling her to hold the pedal down Then I get what did you say as she releases the pedal. Or ok then releases the pedal before I can crack the bleeder back closed..Bendix makes good pads I have never had a problem with bendix plus when they wear out you can exchange them for a new set of pads Heck on some cars I would take them back every 15 to 20k and just tell them they are making a squealing noise and get new pads..Cheap way to do a brke job the second time with free pads.. The rf always grabs first did you grease up and clean the caliper bolts real good sometimes they are really loaded with brake dust. and are a apin to clean i use the brake lube stuff but some of my mechanic friends use anti seize and swear it's better I have noticed that the anti seize does really work ok but with some of the brake lubes they tend to get funky at arounf 15k or so and loaded up with brake dust and make the caliper hang a little Just needs a little preventive maint. clean up lube up the bolts agin and all is well



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