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why goes my caddy warm?


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I dont know if the sevilles normal temp is around 105-110 celsius..sometimes higher.....at winter time the temp is around 91-94 C.....I have fresh coolant and pellets...shall I put more pellets to prevent leaks or?.....It is not much but i loose a little coolant once a while but no dropping on the ground....Is it just to be ignore or?

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The tempurature range seems normal to me. I had to convert celsius to fahranheit to be sure. The Northstar engines run a little hotter. My fan kicks on at 228°F (108.9°C) but if i recall correctly I've hit 111°C or just above it on the really hot days. 115.6°C is when you should start worrying. As far as the leak, doesn't sound like you have much of one to worry about. Just check it now and then.


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Temperature is normal. Mine runs at about 108 when warm in the summer and 100-101 in the winter when warm.

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