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Anyone reprogram the keyless entry remote? 1995 STS


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Hey guys!

I've posted a thread in the STS forum, haven't gotten a response.

I locked my keys in my trunk last weekend and my second remote was dead for too long and wasn't synced up anymore.

Factory service manual says to turn the ignition to the ON position and ground the single black wire at the trunk pulldown motor.

I've looked for the single black wire at the pulldown motor without any luck. Do I have to take the trim off or am I just not seeing it?

Thanks guys!

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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I just did that yesterday.. Just remove the 4 slotted plastic screws and pull the trim off. Then you can see the wire that is connected to the trunk pull down motor. There should be a wire attached the other wires that are dangling. Just ground it to the antenna ground. Good Luck!!

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