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My husband was heartbroken when he had to sell my 2007 Toyota Sienna XLE/LTD. ( A gift from him) He wanted to replace it with something nice and found this beautiful Medium Red Metallic Cadillac. It's a 2001 Deville, base model with 115,000 mi. We have already replaced many sensors, tie rods, brakes w/rotors, windshield, and have been told it needs gaskets that will cost us $ 1700.00. At this point we have spent about 1/2 of what we paid for it used in March of this year. It does get much better gas mileage that my van did... That's especially nice when you live in a rural area and put about 35,000 mi. a year on your vehicles.

We have an interior door handle that is not working. I was wondering if this is something we can repair ourselves or should we let our mechanic do it. The left rear door will not open from the inside. We want to get this fixed before we sell it. We love the car but can not afford the repairs to it. It seems like every week, something brakes or a new warning message flashes on the dash. We also keep getting a Check Gas Cap message but the local GM dealer checked Evap system, installed new GM cap, and anything else they could think of and couldn't find the problem. No Leaks.....

Some of the codes that our mechanic & the dealer found couldn't have been valid because they both stated that the vehicle wouldn't have run if these problems were occuring. Do any you have any ideas or words of wisdom you can impart regarding some of these things?

Thank You

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Quick question, I think there's a child safety switch on the door, it isn't by any chance on child lock mode?

I'm sure the other people on the forum will chime in with some suggestions, too.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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I just fixed my right rear door handle. first check to see if the child lock is engaged as suggested by lothos. If not, then is the door handle sticking out a bit, almost like its halfway pulled? If it is then chances are it was not put back in the track, which is nice and easy to fix once you get the door panel off. :D


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