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Rear Window Motor

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The right rear window motor in my son's '03 Seville STS must be replaced.

My question is how do we take the inside door panel off. Cadillac has an ingenious way of hiding the fasteners around the interior door handle

and upper part of the panel. Has someone ever removed one of these panels and knows a trick or two, or is there an exploded drawing available?

Thanks much,


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Steps are outlined below

Door Panel Removal

1. Remove the inside handle bezel.

2. Remove the fastener.

3. Lift the flap in the pull handle opening.

4. Remove the two fasteners.

5. Remove the two fasteners from the bottom of the trim panel.

6. Using A Door Trim Pad Clip Remover release the eight retainers.

7. Lift up and out on the door trim panel.

8. Disconnect the door latch cable from the inside door handle.

A. Pry the tab on the cable outboard while pulling back on the cable.

B. Unhook the collar portion of the clip from the cable attachment.

C. Push upward on the bottom of the cable attachment to disengage the cable from the handle clip.

9. Disconnect the electrical connectors.

10. Remove the door trim panel.

Remove the door module

1. Disconnect the electrical connectors.

2. Remove the door module by releasing the tabs on the top and the bottom.

Remove the water deflector

1. Remove the ten retainers by depressing the center pins in order to release the retainers.

2. Disengage the wiring harness grommet.

3. Pull the wiring harness through the hole in the water deflector.

4. Remove the water deflector.

Note:To reuse the retainers push the center pin back through the retainer body.

Remove the window regulator.

1. Reconnect the power window switch and module.

2. Raise the window to the full up position.

3. Tape the window in place.

4. Loosen the window clamp fasteners.

5. Lower the regulator clamps to the full down position.

6. Loosen the two captured fasteners.

7. Remove the three remaining fasteners.

8. Disconnect the electrical connector from the motor.

9. Slide the window regulator upward in order to release the two captured bolts from the keyhole slots.

10. Remove the window regulator.

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You're welcome. Install is mainly reverse of removal. I should have included the following part of the reinstall procedure.

1. Install the window regulator into the door.

2. Locate the two captured fasteners into the keyhole slots.

3. Slide the regulator downward to engage the two captured fasteners.

4. Install the 3 remaining window regulator fasteners. Tighten the fasteners to 9 N·m (80 lb in).

5. Connect the window motor electrical connector.

6. Carefully raise the window regulator clamps to the full up position, engaging the window.

7. Remove the tape from the window.

8. Complete the following to properly position the window:

A. Lower the window approximately two inches.

B. Seat the window fully rearward against the division post.

C. Adjust the window forward 2 mm to 3 mm (5/64 in to 1/8 in).

D. Raise the window to the full up position.

9. Set the glass with the clamp fasteners. Tighten the window clamp fasteners to 10.5 N·m (93 lb in).

10. Disconnect the power window switch and module.

Install the water deflector.

Install the door module.

Install the door trim panel.

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