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'90 DeVille - deco door panel came off in car wash

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The decorative plastic panel on the lower portion of a rear door came off and was damaged beyond repair. For the moment, it's re-attached with screws (drilled through the door metal).

Today I'll look in the junkyards, but still have not figured out how to get one OFF of a donor car and ON to mine.

There is a row of little metal studs welded to the metal door, and to each of them is attached a plastic clip that is supposed to snap into a matching "rail" in the plastic panel. But I cannot figure out how to remove/replace that panel.

Is anyone parting out a (preferably white) 87-90 DeVille?

And the dealer does not have those clips any longer... is there another source?

(I don't see a way to post a photo with this...?)

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