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This doesn't seem to be a visited sub group but I'll give it another shot.

This is the same 1995 Lesabre with the license plate light problem that still isn't fixed. I just can not get the lenses off!

Anyway a new and more pressing problem!

I drove the care for about half an hour, and it ran and drove great. I stopped at a friends house

for about two hours and now the car will not start! There is gas in the tank, I can here the fuel pump cycle for the normal

three seconds but will not start! It cranks over fine until I ran the battery just about down and had to recharge it.

I tried to start it on starting fluid but would not fire up. I pulled one spark plug cable and it doesn't seem to have any spark.

It's been several days so it is cold now and still will not start.

I had a good ECM computer so I swapped it out just for kicks but that made no difference.

I had no check engine lights before I parked it and was running fine.

Any one have any ideas or known problems that I could be missing?

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