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  1. No offense taken, I did understand what you were saying. And just for future readers of this thread; I just spent the last hour figuring out this light thing. The Philips head screws were not screws at all but plastic Philips head pins. I was able to pull the pins out with a pair of needle nose pliers and that allowed the plastic clips to pull through he holes exposing the back of the lights so I could pull the socket out from the back. To reassemble the lights all you do is push it back together and than push the Philips head pins back in place. That locks the light assembly b
  2. If you have not noticed this is a CADILLAC forum, try this forum http://www.buickforum.com/forum/ Nooo No I really did notice this was a Cadillac forum, I have one of them also, but that's why I posted it in the Cadillac Companion Car section. Can't get more companion car than a Buick LeSabre Just seems to me this is not a well visited section of the forum. And yes it is already posted in the Buick Forum, LeSabre section. Anyway 10-4, thanks No more on the light, I promise!
  3. Could someone just tell me if the two Philips screws are the screws that hold the lenses in. And should they come out or is there a lock nut on the back? I know someone must have changed their license plate lights.
  4. This doesn't seem to be a visited sub group but I'll give it another shot. This is the same 1995 Lesabre with the license plate light problem that still isn't fixed. I just can not get the lenses off! Anyway a new and more pressing problem! I drove the care for about half an hour, and it ran and drove great. I stopped at a friends house for about two hours and now the car will not start! There is gas in the tank, I can here the fuel pump cycle for the normal three seconds but will not start! It cranks over fine until I ran the battery just about down and had to recharge it. I tri
  5. Help a guy out here, I know someone has had this problem beside me? I've got to get this thing inspected.
  6. Please don't shoot me! I have 2 Lesabres and I can't get the lenses off the license plate lights. I see the obvious Philips head screws but they just turn. You can't reach the plugs through the holes in the trunk lid. Don't tell me you need to remove the entire tail light assemblies. Help
  7. But the way I see it...if you turn right, you are putting MORE LOAD on the left bearing and it SHOULD make MORE NOISE if that was the bad one. When you are turning right, you are putting LESS LOAD on the RIGHT one and therefore it will NOT make noise or at least not AS MUCH noise. That's the way I see it! The killer is my wife thought it was the other side! At this point I may just change the other bearing. I have so much time and effort invested I just need to do it.
  8. OK; but here is the real corker. I changed the wheel bearing and I still have a droning noise coming from the wheel. I was sure it was a wheel bearing! The sound even goes away when you load the the wheel. Left front bearing, right hand turn, no sound! Any ideas? I'm pulling my hear out here, and there's not much left!
  9. Not a post here, when I looked up info on changing a front wheel bearing, a straight Google search, what I found was an article on changing a Pontiac Bonneville bearing. I thought it would be the same thing, and it's close. That's where it said it was a 13 mm. But it's all good, it turned out to be a T55 and that's fine too, it just required me to buy one.
  10. Just for everyone's benefit, I broke down and bought a set of torx sockets. It's a T55 internal torx head that holds on the wheel bearing.
  11. It was very frustrating, I had it apart yesterday and the info I had was that it was held in by 13mm bolts, when I got to the point of removing the bearing hub they were torx head so I had to reassemble the entire thing so I can use the car today.
  12. Your right but like the alen socket for the brakes I bet it's one of those things where you only use one size out of the entire set?
  13. Thanks! Any chance you know the torx size of the three bolts that hold the assembly in.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know the size of the socket for the spindle nut on the front of my 93 Deville? I know its not 32 or 36mm I have both and one is to small and you guessed it one is to big so I'm thinking 34 mm but no one sells a 34mm socket... Anyway help i really need to change the wheel bearing. Thanks
  15. This is just killing me! I have a slow drain on my battery and I can not find it anywhere. If the car sits for more than three days the battery is stone cold dead! Yes it is a new Die Hard. I'm to the point where I have a small battery maintainer plugged into the car for the weekends when I use my wife's Buick. Is there any known problems that I could start with. My guess right now is that it is related to the switch in the door that turns the interior lights on when you press the door handle, but that's a reach. PLEASE HELP!
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