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Wheel & Tire Weight


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I bought some aftermarket wheels for my Eldo last year and I absolutely love the look. I wrapped them in Goodyear Eagle ResponseEdge tires that have a serious bite. My problem is, they are as heavy as can be. I can tell the difference. I know lower profile would not be as smooth (225/55/17) but the wheels feel so heavy, It seems like it's causing the suspension to step out.

Are all aftermarket wheels this heavy?

Any suggestions? (other than take them off...)

I was thinking of using paint remover on the grey paint on my original Eldorado rims, like some other cadillac drivers have done. Or maybe try and find some of the original "six stars" that some Eldorado's came with.

th_Eldo3.jpg th_Eldo7.jpg

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"Heavy" is such a subjective term. We have no way of knowing what you mean exactly. What's the diameter of the aftermarket wheels? The 55 width will eat up HP to make them turn, any width increase will increase your rolling resistance, but also increase traction levels in corners. I don't suppose anybody ever told you that before you bought the wheels, did they?

I seriously doubt that the actual weight of the wheels has anything to do with the "seatometer" readings on rolling resistance. The effects you are feeling are most likely the result of increased diameter, increased width, and wheel offset, all of which can affect economy and steering geometry. It's just the price you pay for looking good!

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