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91' Deville stock radio/ upgrade to CD player

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Hi guys,

I'm not really much of a car person, or very tech savvy when it comes to electronics.

I purchased a double din, because I thought it would fit in the 91' Deville. I was told that it would not fit by an installation place. I currently have the stock Symphony Sound casette/radio player in it, but would like to upgrade to a CD player ASAP.

I purchased a Clarion ADB340MP. Is there a way I can install this into the car? If not, what are my options on obtaining a CD player/ what would the correct size be for this car?

Thanks for anyone who is able to help me out with this.

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you can install it into the car as long as your factory radio isnt bose... you can go to the store to get a book to show you how to wire it... maybe invite a friend over and buy a 6 pack... if worst comes to worst take it to best buy and have them do it

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