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Clicking noise??


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I know noises are hard to diagnose on the internet but....

I have always been a RWD kinda guy and this 2000 Eldo ETC is my first FWD car. Something is making a rapid clicking noise only on a right hand turn and only on the first couple of turns in the morning. I was thinking CV axle but wouldn't it always make noise if it was going bad? There was trails of the dreaded green grease slung around when I bought it but the boots look like new, no tears anywhere. (thought they might have been replaced) I have put about 6K miles on her without a noise and now for the last month it makes the noise on the first two turns out of my subdivision then it never makes a another noise all day. I have been waiting for it to get worse so I could diagnose better but it stays the same.

The noise sounds like.....If you had an old chevy with the fan mounted straight to the water pump and it was hitting something, tink tink tink and yes the noise does vary with speed. Does this sound like the CV going bad?


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