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I was wondering where I could get the torque bar bushings in the front for a 95-97 seville sts. my rubber bushings are worn the hell out. Please help.

What is the 0-60 time on a 95-97 seville sts?


Reading Ben's post now, maybe I misunderstood you. You said torque bar, I assumed you meant stabilizer bar. Are you talking about the dog bones holding the engine? If so, I think they are sold as an assembly, Sorry, Mike

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I believe he's talking about the "strut rod" bushings, where the forward most lower suspension link bolts to the car (in front of the wheel). Is this correct Jason? Be advised that the part changed for the 1997 model year, so '97 bushings MAY not fit an earlier car, although that's only a suggestion.


Click there for a graph showing acceleration times for all sorts of FWD Cadillacs. There are two '95 STS cars there. One was about 6.6 seconds to 60, the other about 6.4 seconds. '96 STS was 6.4; '97 STS was 6.9. The engine in all three is effectively the same. You'll find that there will be some variability in numbers due to production tolerances, actual track/testing conditions, etc. Figure an average of around 6.5 seconds, although any one car could be faster or slower than that.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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Ah, if it is the strut rod bushings I replaced mine on my 91 with POLY, the directional stability improved greatly! Quite a big job however as you need to remove the lower control arm, I did a major overhaul at that time, including; control arm bushings, lower ball joints, hub bearings, stabilizer bar bushings, strut rod bushings, and brakes all my bump induced noise disappeared and afterward she handled incredibly! Mike

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