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Bedding brake question

Norman L.

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I put new front brake pads on my 2001 Deville this morning. It was pretty straightforward and I didn't have any problems. The rotors looked good so didn't have them turned. Used NAPA ceramic pads, medium grade. I started to bed the brakes per the repair manual and have a horrible grinding noise when I stop. I just went around the block and am half afraid to do any more driving until I get some information on the forum. Is the sound that I am getting normal during pad breakin (I noticed the surface of the new pads are pretty rough) and can I anticipate the noise going away after additional stops of have I installed the pads wrong someway? I have done front brake jobs a number of times before and never had any problems (never with ceramic pads though) so I am not really a novice but am somewhat confused at this point and don't want to damage the rotors. Any help will be appreciated.

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