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Just wanted some opinions i have a 96 eldorado i can start the car and let it run all day no problems get in and drive like 10 miles and the car will run hot pull over and let it idle it will cool back down. I cant find any leaks just out the over flow when its running hot does this sound like the head gasket or maybe a flush and fill and replace the thermostat.

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If it was the thermostat, it would not idle all day without overheating. It does not sound good, but get yourself a test kit and test the coolant for exhaust gases or have it done. Then you will know for sure.

P.S. Don't test it right after adding fresh antifreeze.

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Another thing to consider, if it only gets hot when driving like over 35-40 mph, then a clogged radiator could be an issue. Not enough coolant flow.

Luckily new radiators are very inexpensive for these cars...Not sure why...


97 Deville

95 Town Car

93 Cutlass Conv

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I read around on here and cadillacforums and found that people were having problems with belt tensioner for the water pump going south. It would turn the water pump just fine at idle but as soon as they would rev it up a bit they would notice that the belt would start slipping.

Take a look at that first and rev it up with your hand on the servo.

If that's the case (and I hope it is that simple) then replace that tensioner and the water pump if you haven't done that yet because you might as well do it right the first time. Those two parts are cheap and literally takes about an hour for the whole repair if you have the water pump tool. Make your own gasket using the black RTV silicone and pray you never have to open that pump housing again.

The biggest pain is draining down the coolant from the water pump housing and the rad.

While you have the coolant drained a good flush wouldn't be a bad idea when you get it back together and make sure you put in the coolant tablets from the dealer and fresh coolant.

But as I said before, I hope it is that simple. I've read about people using products like heal-a-seal for blown HG's and having success with them but I wouldn't trust them in the long-term. Probably just a good idea to use the product and hope it works and then get rid of the car.

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