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520hp Northstar Engine

Ed Hall

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I have spoken to Alan and some of his employees at CHRFab about putting his performance parts in a normal street car. Although it is possible to get away with adding 100 or more hp to the northstar he did not recommend it at all. The reason behind him telling me this up front was that having 450 hp running through a drivetrain designed only for 275-300 hp would put too much strees on the transmission and other components eventually causing them to fail prematurely. He uses his products strictly on RWD custom Hot Rods that don't have thes ame limitations of a FWD Cadillac. However, If someone really wanted to spend the money DomesticPerformance.com has a heavy duty transmission rated to handle over 500 hp for around $2500 that you could hook up to a "tricked out" northstar. It would cost a rediculous amount of money but would certainly be very cool. If any one is wondering about why the supercharger would work and CHRFab parts are not recommended, you'll just have to call Alan and XMS Racing for their info and opinions. This is just what I was told by the guys who build this stuff. ;)

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