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changing brake pads on my 99 SLS


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my "change brake pads" message came on some time ago and i could start to hear the front brakes starting to emit the warning signal when it needed changing so i took my 99 SLS to a local mechanic to have the front brakes replaced. well the brakes were replaced and it stops on a dime now but the message saying to change the brakes will not go away. the back brakes were replaced around 8 months ago and they are in good condition. is that message suppose to reset once the brakes are replaced or is there something that i can do to reset it or do i need to replace the rear brakes? i know, if i took my car to a cadillac dealer i wouldn't be posting this question today. thanks for any help into this matter.

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There is nothing you can reset.

What needs to be done is replace one or both of your front pad wear sensors to restore OEM warning operation.

Or cludge up a bypass electrical arrangement for the pad wear sensors that are "open" (or simply no longer present). But that will completely eliminate the early warning system for the affected wheel(s).


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Try clearing the codes first, that may be all you need to do IF the mechanic DID install new sensors and connect the wires properly.

What Jim is trying to say is that your mechanic probabllly did not put on brake pads that included the wear sensors and just left the wires off....probably dangling or tucked up into the fender well. Proper brake pads are available from Bendix and others that DO include the wear sensors, as well as OEM pads of course. Installing this type of pad which include new wear sensors, and properly connecting them to the wires from the car, would have prevented this message from being displayed, as well as give you ample warning of when they need to be replaced. Apparently you chose to ignore this message anyway, so you need to ask yourself if you really want this feature back. If not, you should be able to go under the car, connect together the pair of wires that the mechanic left off under each fender well, and the message should go away.

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