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Cleaning leather

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Canada's largest automotive supply chain, Canadian Tire has just delisted my favourite leather cleaner and conditioner namely the Tannery in the aerosol can.

Needless to say I am not to happy about this as I believe the sole reason for the delisting is to get me and other Tannery fans to switch to the higher priced Simonize, Meguiars and Mothers brands.

Before I convert however I would like to hear your view on the Tannery if you are familiar with it or on the brand you use if you can reccomend it.

Many thanks

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Hey CanadianCaddy,

I have used the Tannery stuff before and I remember it being real easy to use, but I actually prefer Zymol which CanTire used to carry but discontinued and now carry again (If I remember correctly). It is a two step process which does a better job at cleaning the leather and making it supple again. Give it a try, I am sure you will like it.



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Cleaning: Here is what a leather supplier has to say--


Conditioning: Mink Oil is my 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice (try it on your skin!). Otherwise, most any perfumed product will do the job for a few months.


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If by "delisting" you mean they don't stock it any more, try looking around the internet. My Pep Boys store no longer carries No. 7 auto polish (not necessarily the greatest stuff in the world, it's just what I'm used to using). I found some on the internet and bought two or three cans. I won't have to worry about that problem again for years!


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