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cadillac trouble, codes included

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ok this is my first cadillac. 1994 sts, northstar, 112k miles. i love it.

drives/runs like a dream until yesterday. from a stop sign it died. i started it back up, took awhile to turn it over..drove about 3 ft and died again. drove it home, parked it. started it back up about 10 minutes later, drove perfect, started up perfect. drove it until today when it died pulling into my driveway. now it keeps idling funny, high then low, etc. just dosent sound right. i pulled the codes by holding down warm and off at the same time. this is exactly what i got

p034 history

p036 current

p095 history

no ipc

no acp

no sir

no tcs

s036 history

s044 history


i looked up the code for p036 and it said EGR Valve Pintle Position Out of Range. not sure what to do about it..or what it even is. my buddy whos a gm mechanic said clean the carbon build up out of the egr. chunks are blocking the valve from it sealing.. he got that from the codes i sent him. is that correct?

i just basically need some help.

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Yup. Pull it and clean the pintle valve so that it operates freely and does not stick. Do not hold it upside down. You don't want any solvent to run into the "can". It will destroy the insulating varnish on the windings.

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