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Love heated seats


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I live in Iowa 20 miles from Minnesota border so put up with the same -15 mornings. The STS stays in the garage but I put a remote starter on it last year. Use extra garage remote to raise door, remote start the car having left the heated seats on(never turn them off in winter), and pop your fanny down when you are ready to go to work or play. With a warm butt, you don't care so much if the car is totally warm when you start out. Helps keep my wife from whining about the cold so much!!!


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My 94 year old mother enjoys the heated seats even in August!!

For me, a heated steering wheel would not be extravagant.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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The heated seats feel so good on my back when I leave the horse barn that I've been known to use them when the air conditioner is running! When I got my first ones I thought they were totally unnnessary.

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