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My GF took the STS to get an alignment today. I had replaced tie rod ends, and just got new tires, so I figured it was in need. She got a print out along with the bill when she was leaving (only took about 30 mins, seemed short to me) and it appears they only adjusted the toe at all 4 corners. The caster on the left front and the camber on both rears remain out of the specified range. A copy of the print out is below.


Should they have been able to adjust these into spec? It was four wheel thrust angle alignment. I thought everything was adjustable front and rear on this car. I know the thrust angle is in spec, but it seems the caster and camber should have been adjusted for 60 bucks.

Just thought I would ask before I called the guy tomorrow, dont want to make an a$$ of myself.

Thanks for any help guys


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Toe is easily adjusted.

Caster and camber are a little more complicated. The vehicle suspension is designed with a "net build" suspension geometry. The short explanation is there is no slack built into the mounting arrangement for struts (as an example). The mounting holes are precisely the correct diameter and location (not elongated or stretched). If OEM parts are installed, the bolt hole locations will cause the suspension geometry to fall within the specifications.

If it becomes necessary to adjust camber or caster on the front (for example, due to collision damge that was repaired with other than OEM suspension parts) it would be necessary to remove the strut and enlarge or elongate the top and/or bottom bolt holes to allow for a geometry adjustment. And that will not happen in 30 minutes.

Routine alignment procedures have gone the way of 12,000 mile tune ups. Without obscene tire wear patterns, or collision damage, there is no reason to go within 5 miles of an alignment rack.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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