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I replaced shift solenoids 6 months ago and all has been fine. The car sat for two months and upon driving it for the first time I noticed it was slipping in all gears very badly. I dropped the pan and found slivers of what appears to be a white plastic like material. It was suggested that it might be a valve body - I got a junk yard valve body and installed it over the weekend - nothing has changed. Any suggestions? I had a P024 code but after clearing it it has not returned. I am open to any ideas as an Allante with 170k miles on it is not worth a tranny bebuild.

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Just had a P024 myself...even though the code would intermittantly clear on its own, the speedo would still not work and she would shift HARD. Had to replace the VSS (cheap) and all is well again. Could be worth a shot, as this code (at least for me) did not come on consistently and everything would *occasionally* work just fine.

Most of the time it was just hard shifting/no speedo or cruise, but there were several occasions where she'd slip out of drive and just rev as if I had it in neutral. That only lasted for a few seconds at a time though in my experience.


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a 93 allante with the NS is a desireable car. if you don't want to rebuild the trans i am sure there are knowledgeable folks on the internet who would buy it. heck, its a collector car in my opinion. if your front/rear bumper covers and sheetmetal is in good shape than its worth a lot.

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