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Radio Woes

ed blaq

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My Bose system on my 95 SLS decided to quit on me yesterday. No function whatsoever. When I turn it on the last station I had the radio tuned to flashes briefly then goes blank. CDs don't play. The antenna does not come up. I have checked both 10 amp fuses in the rear fuse block they are fine.

Any ideas or similar experiences????

If the antenna motor is out would that prevent the radio from working?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I NEED MY TUNES!

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Ed as far as the motor being out the radio should still work. You might try unhooking your battery to clear the radio memory and see if that helps. It cured my volume problem. It might also be a ground problem, do not know where to start though. You might try cleaning the plug to the radio. Good Luck.

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