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Interior Courtesy Lights

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Anyone know what kind of special trick is required to pop the front interior courtesy lights out of the headliner in a 94 STS? I want to change the bulbs but can't seem to figure out how to remove the housings from the roof. The rear ones were a snap... but then again, they are held in place with visible and accessible screws. Gotta be a way to get those front ones out though... what happens when the bulb burns out?

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According to my GM service manual:

1. Pop cover from lamp assembly

2. Lamp assembly from retainer by releasing from hook.

3. Using a flat bladed tool, remove bulb socket from reflector assembly

4. Bulb

Reverse proceedure to install.

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While we're on the subject, do your cabin lights seem awfully dim?

Mine do and I'm wondering if the lenses have yellowed over time or if the bulbs have gotten dirty or if they are just supposed to be dim?

Any ideas?


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