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92 DeVille Door Panel Removal

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I have a 92 Deville, and need to remove the passenger's front door

panel. The panel is loose all around (removed the screws under the

courtesy lights, and pull handle, and popped the plastic grommets) except for the

center. I assume that there's a screw beneath the window and seat

control panel, but can't figure out how to get the panel out. Any

help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Pry out the buttons pannel, and there are 2 (or 1, can't remember exactly) more screws in there. Push down on the leather where the button panel is, and on one end you will see a notch, stick a flathead in there and carefully pry it up. You should feel it when the little metal clip in there gets released, the pannel should pop up a little. I believe the notch is always on the end facing the the back of the car.

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I used to have a '92 Deville. It's been a while now but I think you have everything loose that needs to be loosened. As I recall you have to lift the panel stright up (helps if the window is down). There is a sheet metal tab attatched to the back of the panel that slides into a slot to hold the panel in place. It will make more sense once you get it off and see it.

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