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First Long Road Trip

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Just got back from a straight-through jaunt from Philly to Orlando (and back) with the 94 (which picked up the nickname "Green Hornet" on the way home).

Fuel economy was surprisingly good, averaging 23mpg. I usually get around 17 in town. Car ran flawlessly, nice cold AC, very comfortable and of course FAST.

Turned 100,000 on the clock while on the way to DisneyWorld. My five year old son was grooving on all the Cadillac stuff in Test Track at Epcot. Too bad he wasn't old enough to ride Rock and Roller Coaster in the vintage-styled Coupe deVilles.

Also had one "panic" situation where a Q-tip (that's a blue hair that you can barely see over the steering wheel in Florida, ya know) decided she wanted to be in my lane at the same time I was already there... locked up the wheels and brought it down from 85 to 50 to avoid being clipped... car handled straight and true and my wife looked at me and said "That was something else... my car (a 94 Volvo 850 wagon) would have skidded into the ditch if I ever had to do something like that."

Left Philly at lunchtime on a Saturday, and watched the sunrise from Cocoa Beach the next morning. Wife and kids slept comfortably through the night. Sweet.

Overall, that trip made the investment in this car worth every penny. And I've still got a lot of years with it ahead of me. That's why its the Standard of the World.

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Likewise, made the trip from Fairfax, Va. to the San Jose area 3000+ miles in 60 hrs elapsed time, 42 driving. Didn't go over 125 the whole way ..... (lonely road in Utah). :rolleyes:

Flawless, 'cept when I ran out of gas.

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We are still on our long trip. Been to Buffalo, Schenectady, Boston and now in Allentown, Pa on our way home. 3000 miles so far and have two weeks vacation left. Going to do the Bay tunnel to Virginia Beach and visit Williamsburg.

Getting between 22 and 26 actual mpg on this Eldo. We keep tract of milage at each fillup.

Glad to hear of still another happy Caddy traveler.

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What do you think I should take to Orlando my cheap Durango, or my STS. Which one would get better MPG. Thanks


You have to ask...????....LOL




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