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Men... I just recieved my mahogany shift knob off of ebay and it looks beautiful. The only problem is it didn't come with any installation instructions. Can anyone tell me how to remove the same old knob and install the new shift knob?

Removal is mainly what I need to know.

Thanks guys, ByStorm :huh:

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Removing the shifter knob on '98+ Sevilles is very simple.

You just need to firmly grasp the knob with both hands and pull it up and off of the shaft. It helps to rotate the knob side to side as you do this. The new knob is then slid onto the shaft, and is seated by "hammering" it down gently with your fist.

I have found it is a good idea to wear "grippy" rubber gloves when removing the knob, to prevent my hands from slipping, but I don't think this is required. Also, I have found that it is easiest to remove the knob if the shifter is in the 'N' or 'D' positions, so that the knob removes/installs more-or-less straight up and down. To do this, you should first set the emergency brake, turn the ignition switch to 'ACC', and then pull the shifter to the desired position beforte removing/installing the knob. However, you can remove a knob with the shifter in 'P' -- you just run more risk of scraping the knob (or your hands) across the front of the radio/HVAC copntrol panel, since the shifter is slanted toward the panel when it is fully forward.

FYI - As "bill bobynski" has stated before, the wood shifter knob is not really made of mahogany. Since the knob has to be fashioned from a sizeable "block" of wood, using real mahogany wood be prohibitively expensive. I can't remember what type of wood it is actually made from. (Walnut?)

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