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VSS Sensor Replacement

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Okay, this must be "STUPID POST" day. I really pulled a "boner" the other night.

I got a P024 code, VSS sensor, and bought one at the delaership. Thinking finding it would be obvious, I jacked the car up and crawled under. After surveying it, surmising it would be a part of the transmission from a post I remembered posting myself, the only thing I found that resembled it was a sensor in the crankcase, above the oil sending unit, above the oil filter. So I removed the filter, sending unit, and connector from this sensor, only to find I couldn't even touch it with my fingers. An hour and a half later, I finally removed the 10mm retaining bolt, with some sort of screwdriver, driver extension, swivel joint and socket device I cobbled together and some extremity contortioning. To my surprise, the sensor was about 1-1/2" longer and narrower than my VSS Sensor (oops, pulled the wrong sensor). Now I remember Logan responding to my post, and then I remembered I even printed it out and put it in my Cadallic file in my study. I pulled the file and there it was, with Logan telling me it is located on the passenger side transmission output bell housing, on top.

I really wanted to "beat-the-crap-out -of-myself", put could not muster up the gumption and didn't want my kids to start worrying about me.

Now I knew getting that sensor back in (I find out later it is a NOX sensor, I believe), would be a harder feat. After about a 45 minutes of trying to place the bolt and getting it threaded (at a severe angle), I knew my only chance would be talking my wife into it, with her smaller arms and hands. I explained to her how important it was she do it and succeed, and she begrudging accepted. What she didn't realize is she would be lying on her back, "snaking" one arm through one very tight cavity, and "snaking" her other hand through another very tight cavity, getting grease and grime all over her arms and under her long fingernails, with oil dripping on her now and again, at night with a drop light and flashlight as an aid. She repeating tried to get the bolt to thread about a dozen times, but could barely touch the bolt head with each index finger of both her hands (try to visualize, very difficult task). She wanted to quit at least three times and I explained how important it was she succeed, although she was becoming very distressed. After 30 or more minutes she finally got it started, and I was exuberant.

So now three hours have gone by, and I have added no value to the original task. I pulled off the right front tire, and peered through the shroud, and saw the VSS sensor mounting. Mind you, I looked and felt for it previously in this area and did not detect it. It is way in the back, and the 10mm retaining bolt is on the inboard side, so removing this sensor is nearly impossible from the wheel. I ended up getting on my back, feet facing out from the wheel, and the are two clearances on each side of the output housing you can reach up on both sides with both arms, and feel around and remove the bolt with a box wrench. You can pull the sensor and replace the sensor from this position, as well, not using sight, just feeling with your hands. Although it was somewhat awkward, it was quite easy. It took about twenty minutes.

I have hugged my wife every night I have gotten home, because I am so proud of her putting up with my fiasco. She is starting to realize HOW important it was to get that bolt back in.

Anyway, the key is take your time, solicit good information, and then review it first, prior to diving into a job. I really did not want to post this, but the "jacking" story inspired me to let others know, we all make dumb mistakes, ...no offense.

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That is one hell of a woman. My STS is HERS, unless it needs any kind of service, then it becomes MINE! I have to remember that she does all the sewing, most of the cooking, and helps out with the yard work! But she dosen't do cars!

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That's a great story. I'm sure the missing details of when your wife wanted to quit and you keeping her going would be very interesting.

Great woman !!

I just removed/replaced my crank sensors this week. They have been leaking oil for some time now.

For future reference, unbolt the front engine mount and move it sideways, then you have good access to those sensors. (Also the filter and oil pressure sensor)

You need to remove the right cooling fan, and the two lower studs that are screwed into the block.

Support the engine with a jack under the oil pan (wooden stick against the pan).

Remove the two upper mount bracket bolts and two lower rubber mount bolts and slide the mount *smurf*'y toward the drivers side.

No need to detach the bracket from the rubber mount. That looked like a harder job.

You now have good access to the 10mm bolts.


2008 STS V8
2016 Colorado Z71
1970 Corvette LT-1 Coupe

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