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Keys in ignition = dead battery?

Bill K

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Mt nephew has a 00 STS, 35K mi. Battery was dead and veh. didnt want to start even being jumped.

Dealer said the drain on the battery was caused by leaving the keys in the ignition. "Computer keeps reading that the key is in and runs down the battery."

I naver heard of such a thing. Any one else heard of this or have an idea of what could have drained battery

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Mine is a '98 but should be close to the same deal.

I tried to time all the power shutdown with doors closed, etc. The key-hole lamp goes off after 30 seconds or so. Even if the key-hole lamp stayed on, it would take a very long time to kill a battery with that small current draw.

However, removing the key after several minutes of no activity causes a very faint actuator type noise in the center console. Something is being moved or released electrically.

I can offer no clue to what is creating this noise.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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