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'92 Seville emergency brake

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Is it stuck in there good?

Mine didnt disengage once so I put it in drive and pulled on the E-brake upwards, it released when I did this.

Hope that helps

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This happened to me also in a 91 Seville. If its not jammed as Cupillac states it could be the vacuum "motor" or servo that actuates the release. I replaced mine, it was less than $20 if I remember but quite tricky to put in as there is not much room, there are 2 screws and a steel connecting link. It actually looks like what was called a vacuum dashpot on some carburators and works the same way. Before you buy it however make sure that the vacuum hose is connected and that vacuum is applied when the car is put into gear with a vacuum guage, it could also be the vacuum switch actuated by the tranny selector, but most likely its the vacuum servo. When you take it out, you will see that when you apply vacuum to it, the lever will not move, if the diaphram is damaged, where as when you apply vacuum to a good one the lever moves. Mike

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